International Women's Day

Today is International Women's day where we recognize the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women across the globe. The power and strength of women coming together is unmatched, but our march towards gender equality is not over.

There is a serious lack of women in office across our country and particularly in Pennsylvania. Our commonwealth is ranked 40th in the nation for female representation in government. We need to do better, and that is why I am counting on your support in my race for City Controller.

Yesterday was a major milestone for my campaign. It was filing day at the County Board of Elections office, and I got to submit thousands of signatures from voters across the city who are supporting my run to be the first female City Controller of Philadelphia.

Filing my nomination petitions was the first step in getting my name on the ballot, but we still have so much left to do in the next 68 days.

To get involved with my campaign, go to: