Will tech's candidate Rebecca Rhynhart challenge Philly's powerful?

It's not just "her sophisticated financial knowledge," which marks a big change from what has in the past been a job for ward leaders, Vague told me.

It's the "inspiring, Frank Capra-esque way" that Rhynhart shows "she cares about the city. A rare combination, in my experience." Capra directed It's a Wonderful Life and other films about solid citizens who challenged corrupt elites and made life better for others. 

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This is how Rebecca Rhynhart plans to bring tech to the City Controller’s office

“I’m a strong believer in open government, transparency and modernization,” Rhynhart told Technical.ly. “What I want to accomplish is very tied into what the tech community feels is important. That formed the basis of our relationship. My message to them is that I’ll be a strong partner and ally. I will be an advocate for modernization, data, and serve residents in a better way.”

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As the news media and political observers have started parsing this week's electoral surprises, particularly in the Democratic Controller primary, an unfortunate narrative has begun to emerge in some quarters--originating with comments from Controller Alan Butkovitz on WHYY--that Rebecca Rhynhart was swept to victory on the coattails of D.A. primary winner Larry Krasner. It's worth putting this idea to bed quickly, as it's not only sexist, but totally wrong. 

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EDITORIAL: Two New Faces Win the Day

With her win, Democratic nominee Rebecca Rhynhart has the opportunity to make good on her campaign pledges to be a more aggressive, fearless financial watchdog who will make city government work better and more efficiently for Philadelphia citizens and businesses. We have no doubt that her background both in Wall Street and in the upper echelons of city government will serve her – and the city – well.

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Rhynhart beats Butkovitz in controller’s race upset


Rhynhart, after speaking with Butkovitz late Tuesday, said her message of modernizing city government and taking on "entrenched political interests" like the Philadelphia Parking Authority resonated with voters. 

"I'm not part of the political machine," she said. "I want to make tough calls, better financial calls. I think we can save a lot of money."

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Election shakeup

In a shocking and lopsided upset, challenger Rebecca Rhynhart defeated City Controller Alan Butkovitz in the Democratic primary on Tuesday night.

“I guess somebody should find Rebecca’s phone number,” Butkovitz said as he arrived outside Randi’s Restaurant and Bar, in Bustleton, shortly after 9:30 p.m.

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Rebecca Rhynhart Unseats Incumbent City Controller Alan Butkovitz

Democrat Rebecca Rhynhart defeated incumbent city controller Alan Butkovitz in an upset victory on Tuesday, earning 58 percent of the vote with 90 percent of precincts reporting.

Rhynhart’s success in the primary election is yet another sign that the power of the city’s Democratic machine is waning. Butkovitz, a ward leader and decades-long politician, was endorsed by the local Democratic Party.

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