BY Metro Philadelphia| April 25, 2021

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As Editor-in-Chief, it is my absolute pleasure to introduce Metro’s Philly Power Women. These city leaders have innovated and dedicated themselves to Philadelphia and together, help make our city truly amazing.

As the Metro staff created this comprehensive list of Philly Power Women, one thing became abundantly clear—we are among greatness here in the City of Sisterly Love.

It was extremely challenging to narrow it down to these incredible women. I am in awe of the persistence, brilliance and incredible work ethic these leaders have demonstrated. Not only have they broken the glass ceiling—many of the amazing women on this list have made Philadelphia history—but they continue to lead by example and set a precedent of excellence for Philadelphia.

These trailblazers have made Philadelphia stronger, kinder, and a better place. Through their invaluable leadership, they have left their mark on our city, and history.

Rebecca Rhynhart, City Controller

Rebecca Rhynhart is the bridge between Philadelphians and their government. As City Controller, Rhynhart is the city’s financial watchdog—she is responsible for auditing every City department annually to ensure there is no waste, mismanagement or fraud.

In 2018, Rhynhart made history, becoming the first woman ever elected City Controller for the City of Philadelphia. She brings nearly a decade of government experience to her current role. Since taking office, she has spearheaded many vital initiatives to increase transparency between the city’s government and its residents, including mapping Philadelphia’s gun violence crisis, examining the impact of COVID-19 on small businesses throughout the city, as well as conducting an independent investigation into the City of Philadelphia’s response to the civil unrest following the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minnesota police.

“Too often, government doesn’t serve the people the way it’s supposed to and that needs to change. I ran for office because I love this city and I wanted our government to work better. Philadelphians deserve leaders that are willing to make bold decisions and stand up for what is right,” Rhynhart said. “As City Controller, I love being able to use my voice and the power of my office to push for the change I think is necessary to move our city forward, leaning into issues that have a social impact, as well as a financial one.

“Whether it’s calling out wrongdoing, identifying wasteful spending, or making suggestions on how to spend tax dollars more efficiently, I believe government should work for the people and that’s what I work toward every day.”

Bios written by Molly Given, Jennifer Lynn and Melissa Mitman.

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