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Rebecca Rhynhart Announces Policy Plan for Business and Economic Growth in Philadelphia

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February 27, 2023

PHILADELPHIA, PA - This morning, Democratic Mayoral Candidate Rebecca Rhynhart released her plan to support small business growth, spur economic development and create pathways to jobs with family-sustaining wages for all of our residents.

“As Mayor, I will work hard every day to grow our economy and create new, well-paying jobs while making sure that our residents have the skills needed to get those jobs,” Rhynhart said. “We must reduce the red tape of government processes and rethink our overall tax strategy so that new and small businesses can find success without passing the tax burden to our most vulnerable residents. As Mayor, I will create job pipelines for workers from our most disadvantaged neighborhoods to well-paying jobs in growing sectors such as the life sciences. With this comprehensive strategy, we can ensure our whole city is lifted up.”

Rhynhart’s plan highlights the following as key priorities for her administration:

  • Work with business owners to identify and correct the bureaucratic red tape and missteps in city departments and our workforce system

  • Continue to lower the wage tax, lower business taxes for small businesses and rethink our overall tax strategy so that it balances the need for business growth without passing the burden onto our low and middle-income residents

  • Create and strengthen efforts to encourage business creation and expansion among Black-owned companies

  • Work with the private sector as well as our education and training institutions to make sure that all of our residents have the skills needed to fully participate in our economy

  • Invest in and strengthen our commercial corridors

“I have outlined a plan for my mayoral administration to work with business, community, nonprofit and labor leaders to build an inclusive economy where every Philadelphian can thrive. This will mean a government that provides basic services effectively and efficiently and doesn’t get in the way of the innovation and creativity we know comes naturally to Philadelphia.”

If elected, Rebecca Rhynhart would become the first woman ever to serve as Mayor of Philadelphia. The full plan is available at

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