Philadelphia, PA – Controller-elect Rebecca Rhynhart today announced her Executive Leadership Team, which will be comprised of four division heads, a chief of staff and a first deputy controller. The four divisions are: Pre-Audit, Audit (formerly called Post-Audit), Fraud Investigation and Financial Strategy & Analysis. The heads of each of these divisions will report directly to the Controller, who will be supported and advised by the Chief of Staff and First Deputy Controller.

“This structure of my Executive Leadership Team will enable the Controller’s Office to be as efficient as possible, with clear-cut roles and responsibilities to produce effective results,” said Controller-elect Rebecca Rhynhart. “All six senior staff members will be authorized to oversee the work of their divisions while keeping me and each other updated on a regular basis so that our team is coordinated, productive and impactful. I look forward to being surrounded by a team equally as dedicated as I to working on behalf of Philadelphians and moving the city forward.”

Controller-elect Rhynhart announced hires for several of these roles. Kellan White, currently leading Rhynhart’s transition, will serve as First Deputy Controller and will be responsible for all public engagement and externally-facing activities of the office, including communications, community outreach, and intergovernmental relations. White, a graduate of University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, previously served as Campaign Manager and Political Director for Rhynhart’s successful general election and primary campaign, respectively, for City Controller. Until recently, White served as the National Political Director for New Leaders Council, a leading program that trains progressive millennials; he currently is the organization’s local chapter director.

Nicole McCormac will serve as Chief of Staff and will be responsible for the operations and management of the office. McCormac is currently the Chief of Staff to the City’s Chief Administrative Officer, supporting operations for ten departments and units. From 2011-2015, McCormac served as Deputy Budget Director and, from 2008-2011, as Assistant City Treasurer. Sher received her M.B.A. from Philadelphia University and her B.S. from King’s College.  Both White and McCormac will act as senior advisors to the Controller in their respective roles.

The Pre-Audit and Audit divisions will each continue to be led by the deputy controllers currently serving those positions: John Thomas and Christy Brady will be retained to serve as Deputy Controller for Pre-Audit and Deputy Controller for Audit, respectively.

The newly-created Financial Strategy & Analysis division will be responsible for driving modernization, cost savings and policy related to issues impacting the finances of the City of Philadelphia and the Philadelphia School District. The division’s portfolio will include: identifying areas of concern within city departments and issues affecting the city as a whole; collecting and analyzing complex data sets; instituting best practices; making recommendations to improve service while spending taxpayer money more efficiently. This role will also be responsible for reviewing the Mayor’s Five-Year Financial Plan to ensure it is based on reasonable assumptions and enables fiscal stability of the city. Interviews are currently underway for leadership positions of both the Fraud Investigation and Financial Strategy & Analysis divisions.