Rhynhart asks "Where's Alan?"

City Controller Butkovitz Hasn’t Audited Parking Authority Since 2009

Philadelphia, PA - Democrat Rebecca Rhynhart, -- who recently resigned as Mayor Kenney’s Chief Administrative Officer to run for Philadelphia City Controller -- today criticized 12-year incumbent Controller Alan Butkovitz for not performing audits of the controversial Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA).

Rhynhart revealed that Butkovitz last released a review of the PPA in 2009. Not only was that review short of a full performance audit, but the Controller’s office has not audited the PPA since, despite ample evidence of overspending and troubling practices at the agency. (“The long-awaited 37-page report offers only a limited examination of the state run agency. It is not a performance audit, nor is it the “desk audit” Gov. Rendell called for in 2007 following news accounts that documented overspending and rapid payroll growth at the Parking Authority" Philadelphia Inquirer, 7/28/09)

Rhynhart remarked, “We’ve all read about the bonus payouts, comp-time abuses, no-bid contracts and healthcare scams at the Parking Authority. Why has our City Controller not done more to highlight these problems and try to actually change the dysfunctional culture there? He released a review in 2009 that wasn’t even a full audit, got a quick headline, and has dodged the issue since. Where was the follow-up?”

Rhynhart continued, “Look, I understand that for someone like Alan Butkovitz, who has been running for office since 1990, there are powerful interests at the Parking Authority who he doesn’t want to offend because he’s all about staying in office. But the consequence of Butkovitz ignoring the problems at the PPA is that our public schools in Philadelphia have been shortchanged. As the mother of a daughter in the public schools, I’m disappointed....and it highlights why, after 12 years in office, we need change in the City Controller’s office.”

Controversial decisions by former PPA executives and the PPA Board have raised serious questions about the management culture at PPA. Recent news stories outlining extravagant executive benefits and questionable contracting underscore the need for regular, independent auditing of the authority.

“I believe that PPA must be held to account by an independent, professional entity on an annual basis. And that oversight must be at the local level, done by Philadelphians for the benefit of all Philadelphians. And I pledge that if elected, I will do everything in my power to hold PPA accountable.”