As City Controller, I will take tough stances every day to expose wasteful spending and to make government work for all the city’s residents and businesses. We have a long list of things to tackle, and at the top of my list are the following five:


1.    Audit every department every year, as required by law.  

The Philadelphia city charter requires the City Controller to audit every city department every year. I will do this with a focus on not just rooting out fraud, but also on modernization and best practices.


2.      Spend taxpayer dollars more efficiently and effectively, saving millions of dollars each year.

There are many examples of ways that the City is not operating at the best level that it should. I believe that by taking tough stances, focusing on modernization, best practices and cost savings, we can save at least $10 million per year in general fund dollars that can be put towards the needs of our communities, such as schools, or so that we do not have to raise taxes in the future.


3.    Increase transparency of city government by releasing data to the public.

I believe the City Controller should take a more active role in the call for publishing data sets and releasing government information to the public.  By making information such as expenditure data public, government transparency is increased, which undoubtedly will lead to savings as the public will be able to see for themselves how the city is spending money. I believe that such transparency will also build more trust between government and the public.


4.      Increase diversity of the city’s workforce.

I am committed to increasing the diversity of the city’s workforce so that it is more representative of Philadelphia’s population. Currently, too many jobs are given to people who are friends of or known by those in power, which is not good for our city’s residents and businesses, nor is it good for the operations and management of the city. I intend to ensure the Controller’s Office is a diverse and inclusive workplace and will focus on diversity in the review process of all city departments.


5.     Improve health of pension fund.

The City Controller is a member of the Pension Board, overseeing Philadelphia’s pension fund, which is one of the largest fiscal challenges facing our city as it is currently only 45% funded. I believe I can play a strong role in improving the health of the pension plan, which will benefit both members of the fund as well as taxpayers.