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Philadelphia is a great city. A world class city. But right now, our city is at a critical moment.

We need bold leadership, practical problem solving, and fresh ideas. It’s time to end politics as usual and turn our city around — reduce violent crime and make our city safe for everyone, clean up our streets, and provide a quality education to every child and economic opportunities — so everyone can thrive.

Philadelphians deserve a leader who works as hard as its people. That’s why I’m running for mayor. Because we need a leader that is guided by empathy and equity to move every neighborhood in our city forward.

I’m running for mayor because I believe in Philadelphia. Change can’t wait and it starts right here, right now. Join us.

Rebecca has the experience, courage, and vision needed to move Philadelphia forward and a track record of taking on the status quo to stand up for what’s right. 

Over almost 15 years working for the city — a decade for two different mayors and five years as the independently elected city controller — Rebecca’s built a proven record of creating real change for our city and a data-driven approach to make city government actually work for people. Rebecca understands how the city of Philadelphia government works and doesn’t work, making her ready on day one to give Philadelphians the bold and fearless leadership they deserve.

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